Georgia Pacific Complex


The Georgia Pacific site is a 90-acre, 11-building pulp-mill complex built on the Bellingham waterfront 1936 to 1975. The site was in full operation until 2004 when energy costs became too high. The site was purchased by the Port of Bellingham to support the redevelopment of the Bellingham waterfront and urban core. Much of the site has been cleared, leaving 11 original structures. As part of the redevelopment, the Port has explored the potential to rehabilitate the original structures for new commercial and residential uses. Design response was to test the most likely and economically viable uses for the structures and to work with the Port of Bellingham, the City of Bellingham and the Bellingham Historic Preservation Commission to evaluate the preservation opportunities in the context of the overall urban redevelopment plan and to preserve the most viable structures and to mitigate the demolition of non-viable structures.

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