For 30 years.

"Johnson Architecture & Planning" was founded by Stevan Johnson in 1987. Today, now Johnson Oaklief Architecture & Planning, Steve Johnson and team continue to build a legacy of exceptional buildings. 

Johnson Oaklief Architecture & Planning began with and continues to focus the firm's architectural practice on urban design and development, the design and planning of mixed-use and mixed-income residential buildings, high technology, educational, institutional and community facilities.

A Cornell University alumni from New York, Steve started and became the sole proprietor of JOA&P after fourteen years in the role of executive director for the Environmental Works/Community Design Center. Since then, Steve has been a part of many local advisory boards, including the Seattle Design Commission and was selected as one of the team leaders for the Seattle waterfront design charrette. Steve has direct experience as a project architect and planner on an exceptional variety of public and privately developed projects. He has received national recognition for his architectural work on landmark structures and for the design of affordable housing. Planning projects include predevelopment analysis of major urban mixed-use projects, to site assessments for public facilities. Major projects include the corporate headquarters for Amgen Corporation and for the Washington State Community College system. 

After almost twenty years working with Steve and the JOA&P team (and upon the 30th anniversary of the firm in 2017), Jeff Oaklief is named principal of the firm. Jeff has a tremendous amount of experience working projects of all shapes and sizes throughout the Northwest. His understanding of the intricate phasing, scheduling, and demanding technical requirements are a great asset to our team and clients. 

Celebrating 30 years in Seattle, the team at JOA&P continues to uphold a core philosophy of architectural practice in finding the most imaginative, appropriate and cost-effective solutions that meet the highest standards of design and amenity. Above all, the firm approaches each project as an opportunity to provide a legacy of good buildings in the community and to create noteworthy design that fully meets client’s expectations. 

The firm has a history of success maintaining strong relationships with local officials and agencies in the region. Participation on many public commissions has provided lasting connections in working with local communities and stakeholders, as well as enhancing awareness of the complex regulatory environment. 

Steve and his team also have a significant background completing LEED certified projects maintaining a scope of green building awareness and sustainable practices at every level possible. There is a strong consensus at JOA&P that great design can and should incorporate a stewardship to the community and environment at large.

The Team.



Principal Architect

Steve has 45-plus years of experience as a project architect and planner on an exceptional variety of public and privately developed projects in the Puget Sound area. He has received national recognition for his architectural work on landmark structures and for the design of affordable housing. Planning projects include pre-development analysis of major urban mixed-use projects to site assessment for public facilities.



Principal Architect

Jeff Oaklief’s 30-plus years of professional experience covers a wide architectural spectrum: Port Facilities to Restaurants;  Mixed-use to Multifamily.  His experience with construction types range from Type V to Type 1-FR. Jeff’s organizational and communication skills are especially suited to the design, coordination and management of complex projects involving intricate phasing or scheduling and demanding technical requirements.



Lead Architect

Mirta brings a variety of skills from her professional practice within a unique architectural context and on-site project management. She served as principal partner at ARQAS S.A.C. in Lima, Peru for seven years before coming to JOA&P. Her experience in multiple project types includes government buildings, multifamily residential, commercial remodels and interiors, as well as construction administration. 




Erik's background is in graphic design and urban architecture. After a stint working with Peace Corps on the other side of the world, Erik returns to Johnson Oaklief Architecture & Planning.




A recent addition to the JOA&P team, Jennifer has studied architectural design with emphasis in interiors, space planning consulting and 3D modeling. Previous work assignments have been for both developers and design groups in Kentucky, New York and Connecticut.



Human Resources, Accountant

Elise Manning has been Johnson Oaklief Architecture & Planning's accounts receivable, accounts payable, general business and project manager for over eighteen years. 



Business Operations Manager

Jeff is the administrator of all office related organization, projects marketing, landmark assessment research as well as information technology and archival maintenance for the firm.

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