Belfair Medical/Dental Clinic


A tenant improvement for the creation of a new 7,900 SF medial/dental clinic on the second floor of an existing two-story structure in Belfair, WA. Clinic spaces provided include 8 medical exam rooms, 7 dental chairs (two of which are enclosed) and a full pharmacy.

A unique programatic feature of this clinic is that the lab and sterile rooms, as well as provider offices are shared between medical and dental staff. The pharmacy is located on the ground floor with a separate entrance in order to allow for convenient patient and community access during off hours. Separate offices for the clinic manager, counselor and dietitian are provided. Support spaces such as a break room, meeting, and locker rooms are also included.

The clinic is located in rural Mason County and its creation has extended affordable and low income medical and dental services to the Belfair community.

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