About JOA&P.

Johnson Oaklief Architecture and Planning was founded in Seattle in 1987. We have been a consulting architectural firm overseeing the design and development of medical clinics, institutional facilities, community centers, multifamily residential, historic and landmarked places, commercial spaces, and master planning since the firm's inception.

JOA&P has always followed a core practice of maintaining the value of the "long view" of a building's future use – exploring all of the possibilities.

Much of the work we do as architects is seeking to maintain a responsible stewardship of our client's vision, and then expertly bring this to fruition.

Our goal is to further establish the capacity to enliven and provide opportunities to enrich the communities that occupy our buildings.

Since Principal Steve Johnson's early work on Seattle's first Design Review Board, JOA&P has developed a keen sense of lasting construction techniques through experience working on many historic properties in the Puget Sound Region, such as The Camlin Hotel, Oddfellows Hall and Saint Edward Seminary, to name a few.

We hope to be able to convey our leadership in sustainable design practices that it is fine-tuned through the work we have successfully accomplished in both rural neighborhoods and many of the urban centers throughout the Northwest.

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